Joe Fabisevich

iOS Developer & Building A Small Business @ Red Panda Club

I make playful, personal, productivity apps. I spend most of my time these days working on 🔗 Plinky & 🤖 Short Circuit.

I try to share what I learn while building, please learn from my mistakes. You can find my personal writing at, and about engineering, product, design, and business at

I truly love links and share some of my favorites every Friday in a little newsletter.

Find me on Threads @mergesort

I make dumb jokes on Bluesky

@redpandaclub for my apps

I share my code on Github

I check LinkedIn very rarely

Speaking of unrelated subjects, I enjoy tracking the books I read and writing that makes me think too.

Anywho, wanna give 🔗 Plinky a shot?